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We are now offering ready NOW pastured pork QUARTERS! This includes 34 pounds of packaged pork. You won't have to wait for our next processing date. If you have not had our pork, this package is a perfect opportunity to sample various products and fall in love with the amazing taste of our pastured pork.

Included in this package:

6 LB Bone-In Pork Chops
5 LB Cured Ham Roast
3 LB Pork Shoulder Roast
5 LB Cured Bacon

3 LB Ground Pork
4 LB Pork Steaks
6 Regular Bratwurst links

6 Pepper Cheese Bratwurst links
2 LB Bulk Breakfast Sausage
2 LB Bulk Italian Sausage

Package weights will vary slightly. Bulk grind and sausages are in 1 pound packages.

1/4 Pastured Pork