We are now offering ready NOW pastured pork QUARTERS! This includes 32-35 pounds of packaged pork. You won't have to wait for our next processing date. If you have not had our pork, this package is a perfect opportunity to sample various products and fall in love with the amazing taste of our pastured pork.
Included in this package (weights are approximate):
	6 to 8 Lb Cured Sliced Ham Steaks (in 1 lb packages)
	2.5 LB Cured Ham Hock
	3 LB Cured Bacon
	2 LB Bulk Breakfast Sausage
	2 LB Bulk Italian Sausage
	2 LB Ground Pork
	1 Pork Shoulder Roast
	6 Bone-In Pork Chops
	2 Pork Steaks
	6 Regular Bratwurst links
	6 Pepper Cheese Bratwurst links

Package weights will vary slightly. Bulk grind and sausages are in 1 pound packages.

1/4 Pastured Pork