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For everyone who loves to loves cooking, we'll ship you our favorites in this all beef box.  You'll get a variety of cuts, which will provide 20 or more meals for two people.  This is all grass fed, grass finished beef directly from us - the farmers!  We don't feed anti-biotics, and we don't use growth hormones.  Our beef is as natural as it comes, with multi-generations of cows living happily together in our pasture.  All our beef is processed at our local USDA inspected facility.


Note that there are slight variations to weights, but expect about 17-18 lb of beef as follows:


  • 2 New York Strips (8 oz each)
  • 2 Beef Fillet (5 oz each)
  • 1 Sirloin Steak (1.5 lb steak)
  • 8 Cube Steaks (4 per package)
  • Skirt Steak (1 lb)
  • Ground Beef (5 lb total in 1 lb packages)
  • Chuck Roast (2.5 lb)
  • Stew Meat (2 packages, 1 lb each)
  • Soup Bone (1 lb)


This box ships FedEx Ground to the locations listed.  These locations allow our products to arrive frozen to your door.  Orders are shipped on TUESDAYS.  Orders must be placed by SATURDAY in order to ship in the coming week.  This will allow us to purchase the dry ice in time for your shipment.

Grass Fed Beef Box