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A few years ago, we purchased Izzy from a small farm as a bred heifer.  Something was quite different about Izzy.  She was mean.  She was the kind of cow that would sneak up on you when your back was turned in preparation to attack you if given the chance. 


At seven months pregnant, she tried to sneak up on me, which I caught in the attached video.  I am lucky that neither me or my baby were injured.


We don't keep mean cows, so Izzy is now in the freezer.  Izzy was 100% grass fed in the three years she was with us, but we don't have a history of her feed in her first two years of life. 


We have a limited amount of Izzy burger, which we're selling for a reduced price to rid our farm of her memory!


IZZY Burger (15 Lbs)

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