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Our heritage breed hogs are known for having a little extra fat - and we didn't want any part of our animals to go to waste if possible.  What could we do with all this lovely fat?  


After rendering the fat for countless hours into a beautiful white cooking oil, we made lard.  As additional uses for this treasure were researched, it was evident we needed to make some old fashioned lye soap.  The lard soap took six weeks to complete with the curing process, but the wait was worth it.  


As pork fat is similar to our own skin, this soap didn't dry my skin out like other soaps did.  It was moisturizing and luxurious.  The cleaning power was also impressive.  


All our soap contains four simple ingredients:  Lard, Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, and Lye.  Our scented soaps also contain natural mica powder colorants and fragrance or essential oils.   If you want nothing added to your bar, choose unscented.  Each bar is hand poured, hand-cut, and hand packaged after a four to six week cure time.  The price includes 5 bars of soap shipped to you.  Varieties that have not finished curing are available for pre-order, and will ship when the curing process is complete.  


This old fashioned soap has become a treasured item in our Farm Store and we'd love to share it with you, too, if you aren't able to make it out to our store to purchase.  


Each bar is approximately 4 ounces, measuring approximately 3.5" x 2".

Luxurious Lard Soap

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