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Our sustainably raised grass fed beef has been prepared into delicious summer sausages by our USDA butcher.  Summer sausage is a type of cured meat that was developed before refrigeration. Using several types of preservation methods at once allowed people to make a sausage that would keep from spoiling without refrigeration “in the summer months.”


These make amazing gifts, and are make a great appetizer with a plate of crackers and cheese. Our summer sausages are fully cooked and need no refrigeration until after they are sliced, making them a perfect food to take on picnics, hiking adventures, or camping trips. 


Choose from four flavors, or try them all with our variety pack.


  • Pepper Cheese
  • Cheddar
  • Jalapeno-Cheddar
  • BBQ Cheddar


NOTE:  We DO OFFER SHIPPING with our summer sausage as they are shelf stable.  Just choose VARIETY PACK - SHIPPED in the drop down menu and we'll send it to you right away!

Beef Summer Sausage

  • Summer sausages should be refrigerated after the vacuum sealed package is opened.

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