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We began our journey into cattle farming wanting to know if there was a difference in the taste of beef from different breeds of cattle.  The answer took many years for us to determine...and the answer is YES.  


The quest for the answer led to us purchasing a pure bred Texas Longhorn cow, Vic.  She was pregnant when we bought her, and soon her calf was born on our farm in August of 2018.  We named him Scooter.  


Scooter grew and grew and he had a beautiful set of horns that grew with him.  He was magnificent to see in person.  Scooter passed up the normal date when we'd send a steer to butcher by a year...and then another year.  Scooter would bounce around the pasture playfully swinging his massive set of horns and although he wasn't mean, his playfulness was becoming dangerous.  Neither of us wanted Scooter to leave, but we knew we couldn't keep him forever.  


It was a sad day for us both when the time came for Scooter's butcher date.  He was such a beautiful steer.  We decided to memoralize him forever by taking him to one of the best taxidermists in the country.  It is a two year wait to get him back, but the beef is in the freezer.


In France, the thought of eating a steer younger than five years old is a culinary blunder.  But here in America, the normal age of processing a steer is about 18 months.  When we brought back Scooter from the butcher, we segregated him in his own freezer as we always do, so that we could try the steaks and determine if the beef was good enough to be sold - or if he would move to our personal freezer, where we eat the less desireable cuts.


It turns out that the beef was well marbled, tender, and had the best flavor of any steak we've ever produced at Sorrels Beef Company.  


This may be the only chance in your lifetime to delight in an aged Texas Longhorn grass fed and grass finished steer - born and raised on our farm with some of the highest quality pastures in the country.  The beef is dry aged at our butcher for 10-14 days.


PLEASE DO NOT purchase these steaks if you intend to marinate them in any way - as this would be a huge transgression.  Also, please do not purchase these steaks if you intend to cook them past medium doneness.   


Choose the following Scooter Steak Packages:


Ribeye/Filet ($79)

2 Ribeyes - each weighing approximately 12 ounces each, 1.5" thick cut (1 package)

2 Filet Mignon - each weighing approximately 8 ounces each, 2" thick cut (1 package)


NY Strip/Sirloin ($69)

2 NY Strips - each weighing approximately 11 ounces each, 1.5" thick cut (1 package)

2 Sirloin Steaks - each weighing approximately 1.2 lbs each, 1" thick (2 packages)

Texas Longhorn Premium Steaks

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