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A Tomahawk Steak is a thick cut, bone-in Ribeye steak, with an extra long French Trimmed rib bone. Our grass-fed and grass-finished Tomahawk Steak is a beautiful piece of meat to serve for a special occasion.

We have been waiting 3 years to raise the beef to bring these steaks to you. There are only 14 steaks available cut from an entire side of beef.  This year's tomahawks are from an angus steer, fattened on lush pastures and hay from annual forages.

Two steaks per package, cut 1.25"-1.5" thick, priced at $27 / lb  Select the package weight for your steaks at the drop down.   

Tomahawk Ribeyes

  • Grass fed and finished beef is known for being lean, and is thus a healthier choice.  Due to its natural leaness, grass fed steaks are typically less tender than their corn-fed counterparts.  We recommend cooking our steaks to rare to medium rare, quickly, on a hot fire.  The flavor of the beef is excellent, and is complemented wtih a small amount of sea salt and fresh ground pepper. 

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