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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a store with hours?

We currently have an Honor System Farm Store with several of our most popular items.  The Store is always open.  The store accepts PayPal (through the App), CASH, or check.  We aren't able to make change at this time.  For credit card orders, please shop our online farm store website.  There are more items online than our available in the farm store due to limited freezer space in the store.


How do I pick up my order?

After ordering, we'll email you to let you know your order is ready for pickup in our Farm Store at your convenience.  We'll have your order boxed and ready with your name in the freezer (and/or refrigerator if you bought non-frozen items).  We accept PayPal or Credit Cards through our website, or Cash on pickup.  If you would like to pay Cash, just select "Off-line Payment" at Checkout.  If you'd like to meet us in person, please email us to arrange a pickup time.


How many people are involved in your operation, and how big is your farm?

Husband and Wife, Jason and Pam, work together on all aspects of managing our 40 acre farm outside of Ransom, Illinois.


Why is there a price difference in grass fed beef as compared to grocery store beef?

Our grass fed and finished beef, with no added hormones or fed anti-biotics, takes almost three times the amount of time to get to market size.  The additional time growing means that we have to feed hay, or dried grass, to the cattle over the winter, which is very expensive.  


Is there a difference between store bought grass fed beef and your grass fed beef?

Yes, there is a difference. 

The majority of grass fed beef sold in stores is imported from Austraila, Uraguay, or Brazil.  Unfortunately, large companies are playing marketing slight of hand tricking consumers into thinking they are buying cattle that have eaten only grass.  Companies often label beef “Grass Fed” if at some time in its life, the cow ate grass.  Additionally, store bought grass fed beef can still be injected with growth hormones or fed anti-biotics to hasten growth.  If you don’t know the farm from which your beef came from, you just don’t know.


Do you use anti-biotics or hormones?

In rare instances, we will use an anti-biotic to save an animal’s life.  For instance, our bull once got his foot caught in a fence and it got infected.  This required a single use of anti-biotics.  However, we do not feed our animals anti-biotics or ionophores, which is a standard practice on most feedlots.

The majority of commercial beef is produced with hormone patches in each animal's ears.  This is typically a form of estrogen, and we don't agree with it and will never implant hormones - or feed any either.  The hormones make animals fatter faster, and this is why they are used.  We will never do this to our animals, and never have.  


How long will one of your 1/4 or 1/2 cows last me?

This depends on the size of your family and how often you cook beef.  For a family with 2 adults and 2 kids eating beef 3-4 times per week, a 1/4 beef will feed your family for 3-6 months and will last 8-12 months for a 1/2 beef.    Our 1/8 beef package is great for a single person or a couple, and will last about 2-3 months.  


Are you Certified Organic or Certified Humane?

Due to extreme cost of being certified, we have elected not to certify organic or humane.  However, you'll find most of our farming practices to match or exceed the standards in either of these certifications.   We feed our chickens and pigs a mix of organic and non-GMO grains - in addition to what they find on pasture.  Our cows eat only grasses and clovers, and other plants they harvest in the pastures - and dried grasses (hay) in the winter months.       


Do you ship?

We offer shipping on gift boxes and t-shirts.  We have elected not to ship our meat because we want everyone to connect to their food at our farm.   You'll love having this connection to your food by visiting the place where it was raised.  We believe knowing your farmer will change the face of agriculture.


Do you use artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides?

No.  We believe in regenerative agriculture and working with nature to improve our farm.  We encourage bugs and birds to make our farm home.  We believe in creating healthy soils to create healthy foods.  We are in the business of growing things - and not in the business of killing things - with herbicides, fungicides, or pesticides.  We don't want it in our food - or on our Farm.

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