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You can't beat our burgers! Tender, juicy, and full of flavor our burgers will surely impress you.


6 juicy grass fed and finished burgers per package (2 lbs)


These burgers are ultra lean, so ensure you do not overcook them!


Check the photos to see the grocery store imposter! It started as the same size, but shriveled to nothing on the grill. 

1/3 LB Burger Patties

  • Grass fed beef is full of flavor and burgers are very juicy as long as they are not overcooked.  Our recommendation is to use a small amount of McCormick's GOURMET BURGER seasoning.  Add to hot sizzling grill and don't flip until you see blood coming through.  Don't squeeze the juice out with your spatula!  After flipping, burgers are done in another 2-4 minutes.  We always recommend medium to medium rare for full flavor.

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