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We raise pastured pork from late spring until late fall. You are purchasing a deposit on a live animal. When ordering bulk, your total cost will be between $500 - $550. This price will be the total for a half, including for butcher cost.


This price includes:


~$400 to us to raise your pig (paid to us after we drop off at the butcher)

~$120 to the butcher for processing your pig (paid to them at pickup)




Approximate freezer meat from a 1/2 pig:


12 LB Pork Chops

12 LB Ham Roast

10 LB Sausage (brats, italian, breakfast - your choice) OR Ground Pork

8 LB Ham Steak (sliced ham slabs)

7 LB Shoulder Roast (Pulled Pork, etc)

6 LB Bacon

5 LB Tenderloin, Pork Ribs, and Pork Shank

4 LB Shoulder Steaks


You may have your hams ground into sausage if you wish.




You pay for the weight of the pig after it is killed by the butcher. Sorrels Beef Company price is $3.75 per lb hanging weight. Hanging weights vary by animal but typically range between 90-120 lb for a 1/2. Cost estimate to our farm is $400 for a 1/2 pig. Total price will vary based on the actual weight of the animal, which we'll know the day we drop off your pig. Payment is due for your pig prior to pickup. You will be invoiced the day we drop off and the final payment will be due two weeks after drop off.


Please read and agree to the payment terms prior to reserving your pig. Your deposit will be deducted from the total price.  Non-payment of the balance of your pig may result in forfeiture of your pig and your deposit.




Processing cost to the butcher is SEPARATE and must be paid to them at pickup. You are paying them for the service of cutting up and wrapping your meat under USDA inspection. Butcher price varies based on sausage and curing, but will be $90-$130 for each half. Custom Processing is by USDA facility Chenoa Locker in Chenoa, IL. The butcher will walk you through the cut order to get your pig exactly as you want it. It is very easy. You may get back the pork lard, bones, organs, and even the head upon special request. You'll have more options for sausage if you purchase a whole hog, as there is a 10 lb minimum of each sausage variety. Pork will be available for you to pick up directly at the butcher

in Chenoa, IL 3-4 weeks after butcher date. Pork will be frozen by the butcher ahead of pickup. They will call you directly when it is ready for pickup.

Reservation DEPOSIT 1/2 Pig

Out of Stock
    • If you would like a whole hog, just add 2 to your cart
    • Deposits are non-refundable unless we cannot deliver your pig due to Acts of God
    • Balance is due before pork pickup
  • Your deposit will be deducted from the total price of your pig. Your final payment will be due 2 weeks after your butcher date.  This will be prior to pickup of your pork.  Failure to pay will result in a hold placed on your meat.  The hold will be lifted upon payment.  After 8 weeks of non-payment past your invoice due date, your deposit and the pork at the locker cut on your behalf will be forfeited.

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