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We'd be rich and famous if we could make a cow that could be cut into all steaks, or a pig that was all bacon. However, bacon and steaks make up a fairly small portion of the animals. We bring back every cut and inventory it in our freezers. We often end up with an extra supply of roasts and other cuts.


Purchasing this box really helps us move the whole animals. These are all quality cuts, but items we have in excess proportions.


Beef will be priced at $7.75 per lb

Pork will be priced at $6.00 per lb

Chicken will be priced at $3.50 per lb


These prices reflect bulk pricing, and is our most economical package available. Beef and Pork will all be mixed and matched to total to the cost of the package. Your box may or may not include chicken.


For example, if we include 10 lbs of pork ($60 value), we'll include ~5 lbs ($39 value) of beef products in the $99 box. You'll be guaranteed both beef and pork, but the cuts will be our choice.

Farmer's Friend Box

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