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Our steak sampler is the perfect way to experience the rich, natural flavors of grass-fed beef. Our sampler includes a variety of cuts, from tender hanger steak to juicy ribeyes and sirloin steaks. Each cut is carefully selected from our pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle, ensuring the highest quality and flavor. Our grass-fed beef is free from hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs, making it a healthy choice for you and your family. With our steak sampler, you can enjoy the exceptional taste and nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef, straight from our farm to your table.


- 2 Ribeyes (1 Package)

- 2 Porterhouse Steaks (1 package)

- 2 T-Bone Steaks (1 package)

- 1 Hanger Steak (1 package)

- 2 Sirloin Steaks (2 packages)


Approximately 9 lbs of steak is included.

Grass Fed Beef Steak Sampler

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