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T-Bone steaks are considered one of the highest quality steaks. The distinctive 'T' shaped bone is nestled between two steaks each themselves prized cuts of beef.  Our delicious, juicy grass fed and finished T-Bone steaks are bursting with flavor. 


Each package contains two frozen 1.25" thick steaks cut and wrapped by our USDA inspected custom butcher.  Package weight depends on size of the steer:


Petite (1.3 - 1.7 lbs per package - two 11 - 12 oz steaks)

Regular (1.8 - 2.1 lbs per package - two 13 - 16 oz steaks)

Man-Size (2.2+ lb steaks, each over 1 lb)

T-Bone Steak

  • T-bone steaks are best prepared by a quick and dry heat cooking method, such as grilling or broiling. The bone conducts heat within the meat so that it cooks more evenly and prevents meat drying out and shrinking during cooking.  As with all our steaks, we recommend a rare to medium rare for the best dining experience.  We do not recommend any type of marinade nor any heavy seasoning.  

  • Grass fed and finished beef is known for being lean, and is thus a healthier choice.  Due to its natural leaness, grass fed steaks are typically less tender than their corn-fed counterparts.  We recommend cooking our steaks to rare to medium rare, quickly, on a hot fire.  The flavor of the beef is excellent, and is complemented wtih a small amount of sea salt and fresh ground pepper. 

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